Harmony Women’s Health Center Makes Big Debut at Girls’ Night Out

Harmony Women’s Health Center was something of a guest of honor at the 6th annual Girls’ Night Out event hosted by Platte Valley Medical Center. Every year this event brings an atmosphere of fun to the topic of women’s health and wellness – and we were very excited to be included in the fun! What better way to introduce the Harmony office and staff to our community, than at an event filled with over 600 local women?

In addition to live music, dancing, and 30 healthcare vendor booths, a highlight of the evening included a keynote speaker and several area mental health resources. The speaker, Jennifer Tracy, presented Loving ME in the Mirror and challenged women in the audience to start the conversation and talk about mental health issues. There were tears, laughter, and fun shared by droves of women who enjoyed the event!

A pink carpet, fun decorations and a photo wall fit for a celebrity debut helped guide women to the new OB/GYN practice in Suite 350. Once inside, our staff provided guided tours of our newly renovated office to inform the community about our philosophy of care. Our guests lingered in our spa-like office, enjoying a variety of decadent desserts.

 Our staff, Erica, Trista and Jamie, enjoyed welcoming women into their new suite for tours.

Our staff, Erica, Trista and Jamie, enjoyed welcoming women into their new suite for tours.

At Harmony, we are committed to creating an environment where women feel safe to rely on their physician for all of their care, whether they are embarking on the journey of parenthood, or navigating the process of aging vibrantly. We provide premier obstetric, gynecological, and other women's health services to women in the greater Brighton area. Harmony Women’s Health Center brings passion and heart, high professional standards, and a commitment to serve. Our team embraces collaboration, innovation, and service excellence to make women's healthcare an extraordinary experience.