Three simple promises.

Providing premier obstetric, gynecological, and other women's health services to women in all phases of life
in the greater Brighton area, Harmony Women’s Health Center brings passion and heart, high professional standards, 
and a commitment to serve. Our team embraces collaboration, innovation, and service excellence
to make women's healthcare an extraordinary experience.


We listen.


it's a partnership.

We don't decide what's important for you. We listen carefully and work with you to help you make informed choices.


We remember
you lead
a busy life

we Follow through.

We understand your time is valuable.
We're ready when you arrive for your appointment and will ensure your time
is well spent with us.


We're with you
on the journey.

change happens.

Over time, our needs change. We'll help you keep an eye on what's coming and will be here with you along the way.

Healthcare brought to you by people who still care.


We set out to put together a medical practice that brings you the kind of personalized care you thought went out with house calls. We've found the kind of office staff who understand our mission. We've scheduled our days to give us time to get to know you and to know things about you that aren't listed on a chart or patient portal. At the same time, we stay on top of developments in our field so we can institute the best clinical practices.



Your body is one big beautiful system.


The hip bone's connected to the thigh bone and every other wonderful part of you. We're here for everything from routine pap smears to minimally invasive specializedsurgical care. But we also want to know how all of you is doing. Your health is a network, so don't be surprised when we ask you the same questions a primary physician might.


It's why we pay careful attention.


Our experienced obstetrics and reproductive health team is committed to providing health partnerships that honor your wishes, individuality, and dignity. As a Harmony patient, you may choose to have your doctor be with you through your entire pregnancy. The obstetrics services we offer include pregnancy care, high-risk pregnancy care including Maternal Fetal Medicine, and in-office ultrasound imaging.